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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stan The Man!

Take a close look at that face. See something different? Yeah, Stan has a set of eyelashes - not really eyelashes, but that's the easiest descriptor - under his eyes. They're like little furry angel wings for his eyeballs... they help tremendously when he's after a snack. After all, who can resist angel wings!?
Anyhow, Stan's been with us since Monday and here's what we've learned about him so far:
Stan needs to bulk up and fill out a little. He's really skinny right now. Due to some poor feeding habits in his former home, Stan developed some gastrointestinal issues which led to him being returned. We are currently stabilizing his feeding schedule and giving him some antibiotics. Stan has responded very well to his new regimen and is making good progress already. He probably needs to put on 10 to 15 pounds to fill out. He's got a beautiful brindle coat that will draw plenty of comments from those passing bye. 
Stan is a sweetheart and in typical hound behavior is a real shadow, constantly following whomever around to see what's going on. He gets along well with our girls, ages twelve and nine, but is probably a little too boisterous for those with toddlers.
Stan walks well on the leash and has no problems going potty while tethered. Stan did some steps last night and had no problems going up or down. Stan also listens really well - he already knows "No!" and comes when called. He's been sleeping well and gets along fine with Coastal, our resident hound. He's seen the resident feline and while intensely curious about her, hasn't made any aggressive moves towards her. We'll be monitoring the situation a little more before we declare him cat-safe.
Stan's enjoying playing with our assorted stuffies and is generally not destructive with them - no ripping them apart pulling out the stuffing as of yet, but the hounds usually discover that trick sooner rather than later and we suspect that Stan will probably enjoy tearing up stuffies once he discovers how :-)
We believe that Stan would do better in a home with another canine companion, and on that note, would make a fine addition to a home that is looking to add another greyhound to their menagerie.
If you'd like to meet the handsome boy with the angel wings and fine personality, please give Denise a shout.

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