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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Crows Are Smarter Than Republicans...

Ah, to be a member of the GOP, where change is a word to shunned with the white-hot intensity of a thousand burning suns. I've blogged before about the horrific record of the Do-Nothing, Rubber-Stamp-Anything-Bush-Comes-Up-With mentality of the GOP, but with sagging poll numbers and intense public scrutiny over the ever-growing scandals linked to and initiated by so many Republicans in so many stages of government, one would think that some change would be in order. One would be wrong, apparently. Seems like the GOP feels a-ok with our rapidly crumbling little corner of the planet:

“I don’t see the need for changes. We rise and fall with the president in this environment,” said Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.), former chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee on the day before the Foley story broke. Davis said any significant loss would prompt an examination, but, “If we hold it together I don’t think you will see any change at all.”

Of course the GOP has been willing to led by its nose for so long now that even Pinocchio would be startled by its length. All of the lying doesn't do it any good either... Anyhoo, the Prez has declared a continuation of all things related to Iraq. In other words, No! Freakin'! Changes!

President Bush met with his top advisers and military commanders on Iraq yesterday in a White House session that, senior officials said, weighed options for forging a way forward amid the surging violence but did not contemplate any major shifts in strategy...
And in his Saturday radio address, Bush offered no indications on any major shift, even as he acknowledged the increasing violence in Iraq.

"Our goal is clear and unchanging: Our goal is victory,"

Victory, huh? I question whether the Decider and his entire administration could even collectively spell victory, let alone know how to best achieve it. But hey, change is like staring into a thousand burning suns, remember? Change'll blind ya. Change means driving on a two-lane highway instead of a narrow, one-way only alley. And unfortunately, no one in the administration has the necessary training or gumption to apply the brakes, turn the steering wheel and get the car moving in another direction. And following our driving metaphor, realizing that a bazillion years of GOP stewardship under our Do-Nothing congress and No-Changes-Ever Prez, has left our country on the verge of internal collapse and moral bankruptcy, and with huge potholes and road rage-enamored citizens everywhere, Karl Rove is out and about road-testing his usual scorched-earth, fearmongering to the few who still have the stomach to listen to the steaming pile of shit that passes for reasoning in the GOP's inner circles. He's trying hard to invoke all the GOP's token fear-spectres such as Nancy Pelosi, and, horror of horrors, the ACLU! Here's a taste:

"You can't say I want to win the war but not be willing to fight the war," said Rove, Bush's top political adviser. "And if leading Democrats have their way, our nation will be weaker and the enemies of our nation will be stronger. And that's a stark fact, and it's the reason that this fall election will turn very heavily on national security."
For instance, he needled congressional Democrats for voting against a GOP plan to try terrorist suspects at the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba. Many Democrats said the plan violated basic rights, but Rove rejected that. "You need to have the ability to try these people without worrying about the ACLU showing up saying, 'Wait a minute, did you Mirandize them when you found them on the battlefield,' " he said....
....He also went after the would-be House speaker for voting against renewing the USA Patriot Act, the warrantless wiretapping program and the war in Iraq. "With a record like that, you can see why Nancy Pelosi wouldn't want this election to be about national security," Rove said.

Now, there's enough strawmen hiding in Rove's statements that it'd take a company of firefighters a couple of days to put out, should they ever catch fire. Happily, they can all be blown over in a single breath with the word CHANGE forcefully mouthed.
Wanna see change in action? Wanna see smarts? Wanna see how crows are smarter than Republicans? Watch on my friends, watch on:

Here's to Crows! And here's to the GOP eating said bird come November!