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Used to be this place was mostly about music and pop culture, but it's slowly morphed into a launching pad for finding our foster greyhounds new homes. So be it. We love the hounds and are more than happy to use our modest little blog page to reach out and snag some attention for these greyt dogs... Oh, we'll still post the occasional odd music review or rant at the state of the Redskins from time to time, but they'll hafta take a back seat to the dogs 'til further notice

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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Say hey to Will Silver!

 The handsome fawn hound you see is recent arrival, Will Silver. He just turned 4-yrs-old on New Year's day. Will is a large hound and will probably weigh 85/90lbs once he fills out. Will is smart, outgoing, and curious. He definitely likes to get into things and places to check things out!
 Will had a bad crash when he was on the track which resulted in some torn ligaments in his back left leg. The ligaments were deemed unrepairable so the leg was left to heal on its own. He has no issue using the leg, tho he occasionally picks it up while standing or skips using it momentarily. Again, he walks perfectly fine with all four legs and other than the occasional moment, it's not something that's all that noticable.
This boy has a wonderful personality and would be great in an active household. He likes and wants to do things. He's a little more active than most hounds and will need regular exercise and owners with a firm hand to keep his curiosity in check.
He gets along fine with our resident hound and should be fine with other dogs. He's not been cat-tested but assuming from the way he goes after squirrels and things, we're not recommending him for homes with felines.

If Will sounds like he'd be a good fit in your home, give Denise a shout and we'll make arrangements for a visit.


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