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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Xmas In November!

My good buddy Lee, took the picture below, and for all intents and purposes, it highlights all that went wrong with the philosophy of the Prez and his hardcore supporters out there on the lunatic fringe... And the sad part is that Bush was echoing it's basic sentiments as late as Tuesday. It reads: AL-QAEDA VOTES DEMOCRAT

Apparently Americans vote "Democrat," too. So put that in your yard and smoke it! Bitch!
Washington awoke to a vastly reshaped political landscape today, as Republicans grappled with their losses and Democrats, who recaptured the House of Representatives after 12 years and still harbor hopes of taking back the Senate, laid plans to govern.
By early morning, Democrats had picked up at least 28 seats in the House, leaving them firmly in control. The balance of power in the Senate rested on a knife-edge, with one race in Virginia remained too close to call.

Bush now has to don the coat of rhetorical role-changer; stepping away from the image of a cowboy president and into something much different. Dan Froomkin characterizes the wordplay thusly "On a rhetorical level, it's a neck-snapping reversal from the savage smearing of Democrats as troop-hating terrorist-appeasing cowards that continued right up until last night, when the will of the voters became undeniable even by White House standards."

And just when you thought that it couldn't possibly get any better, well, it just did:
President Bush today announced he is replacing Donald H. Rumsfeld as secretary of defense, saying a "fresh perspective" is needed at the Pentagon to deal with the war in Iraq.

Woo! Mother! Fucking! Hoo!
And the icing on the cake is being spread in Virginia, where Jim Webb is poised to give Democrats the final spot they need to take control of the Senate. I will, however, give the bigots in Virginia a metaphorical slap up alongside their collective noggins for dragging their knuckles across the polling floors as they voted to ban same-sex marriages by a margin of 57% to 43&. Eat shit, crawl into a dark, dank hole and die a thousand horrible deaths you dumb fucks!
On the home front here in PA, we finally voted out one of the worst mouth breathers ever to hold a seat and tarnish our good state's reputation. Rick Santorum, kiss your Senate seat goodbye, you fucknut! Good riddance and don't let the door hit you on your Cro-Magnon ass on the way out! As someone who's been ideologically opposed to Santorum - one of the biggest sewer rats to ever draw a breath - since he appeared on the scene, his loss is especially sweet.
More pics. This one, which is truly worth a thousand words, is from the New York Daily News.

And closing out this post, in another election night shocker for all those family values voters, Britney has elected to ditch her wannabe-rap-star hubby, Kevin Federline - who is now apparently going to be forever known as, wait for it..... Fed-ex :-)