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Used to be this place was mostly about music and pop culture, but it's slowly morphed into a launching pad for finding our foster greyhounds new homes. So be it. We love the hounds and are more than happy to use our modest little blog page to reach out and snag some attention for these greyt dogs... Oh, we'll still post the occasional odd music review or rant at the state of the Redskins from time to time, but they'll hafta take a back seat to the dogs 'til further notice

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sorry for the lack of updates on Nellie. I was going to update on Sunday, but the stunning surprise victory of the Redskins over the Broncos left me at a loss for words, and that doesn't happen often :-) So kudos to the 'Skins for managing to win a game everyone expected them to lose. On to Nellie:

Nellie's doing very well and has really started to come out of her shell. She will now stand still for some petting and other types of attention and has really started to get that tail going a mile-a-minute when she's happy. Nellie's house manners are good - no crawling on furniture, no counter surfing, etc. She likes to go for walks and generally does very well on the leash, but sudden noises still scare her and she hesitates to do her business on the leash. She can go potty on the leash, but she rarely does, so those with unfenced yards may want to look at a different hound. Nellie does NOT like small dogs as they scare her for whatever reason. As of now, for potential adopters that already have hounds, Nellie would make a perfect addition to those looking to add another greyhound to their pack. She loves other hounds and really follows their lead. She could be an only dog in the right situation, but potential adopters would probably need some previous greyhound experience to make it work.
As noted previously, Nellie is always going to be on the shy side. That doesn't mean that she won't make a fine companion, however. After a few weeks here she's settled in and made herself an adorable, happy part of her temporary family and she's sure to do the same in her forever home. Nellie is a sweet, sweet dog and she's pretty much ready to go, so give Denise a shout is you think she's suitable for your household.

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Nellie update

Nellie's been with us for almost two weeks and is gradually becoming more and more confident in her new surroundings. She's still shy and still startles easily, but she gets over it quickly. Nellie is comfortable enough now to come and hang out/lay down in the living room with the family, something she didn't do at all during her first week here. Nellie is trying to actively seek out attention but her natural shyness only allows it in fits and starts. Even so, she's making good progress and has even rewarded a lucky few of us with several doggie kisses, and has even started greeting us at the door with her tail a-waggin'. At this point, and for those with no greyhound experience, we're thinking she'll do better in a household with another dog or dogs present. She's much more relaxed when she's part of a pack versus when she's by herself. For those with previous greyhound experience, however, she'd do well as an only dog given time, patience, and a gentle hand - she's really a sweet dog and the shyness will start to dissipate gradually over time.
As noted in the last post, Nellie likes to go for walks and is pretty good on the leash. I took her for a jog of approximately 2 miles last weekend and she did well and she should make a nice running companion if that's your thing. Nellie also did steps last weekend and didn't have any issues there. At this point we can also say that she's 100% housebroken, so yay for that! :-)
All in all, we're very happy with her progress and if you think that Nellie would be a good fit for your household please give Denise a shout. If you've got questions, feel free to submit them in the comments section here on the blog.