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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Shop Talk About The Music Swap - Tunes, Tunes, And More Tunes

Welcome to my tequila-fueled Mockingbird; it ain't Plastic, but it'll hafta do. Since most of y'all are familiar with the background of the swap and its history, we'll just fast-forward right to the good stuff: the tunes. What kinda tunes did you send out, and what kinda tunes did you receive? If you've got your tracklist(s) handy, please post 'em so everyone can do a little trendspotting and see what styles of tuneage were being lugged to mailboxes by the intrepid folks of the postal services on two continents. Perhaps we'll be able to discern the next big direction in music-dom whilst perusing our participating Plastician's musical offerings, or perhaps not. Eh, doesn't matter whether we're at the beginning or the end of any musical happenings - what matters is how the tunes you received affected you. Now's your chance to praise your swap partners for their incredible taste in music, or criticize (constructively) 'em for their selections from Zamfir's Greatest Hits as a proper choice for inclusion on a mix CD.
Oh, one last thing. I believe we should continue the music swap next year irregardless of Plastic's status. For future contact purposes, I'll keep the current database of participants in the Gmail account for next year's exchange in the event that the situation at Plastic deteriorates any further. Djerrid, (last year's host) and I will decide in what direction to steer this thing should Plastic hit the skids permanently. Anyone wishing their email status to be deleted from the Gmail account can drop me a note over there and I'll delete your contact info. Also, anyone wishing to helm this thing next year can say so in the commentary here or drop me a line at the Gmail account.
With that, it's all yours. Give us some raves about your tuneage faves!


Anonymous Ozymandias said...

Unfortunately, it is likely that I will not be able to participate in this discussion. I don't want to bring down this discussion before it even starts, so I'll just say that a family medical emergency will probably take me away from any internet access.

I sent out two copies of my mix, just recently to 1fastdog and Djerrid and they will hopefully get them on Wednesday. In any case, I've put mp3s of everything (as well as the album cover art) online. I don't want to put the actual URL here, because I don't want google et al. to spider it, and display these mp3s to the world at large. But you can figure it out. It's prestopnik.com/pmx with the current year tacked onto the end (all one word).

12:37 AM  
Anonymous eidilon said...

My original mix partner was mvelinder. By some strange chance he happens to live only about 50 miles away; I wouldn't be surprised if we were the only two Coloradoans on plastic. He sent my CD out promptly so I've had it for a good long while now. He asked if I was okay with a chillout mix and that's precisely what I received:
Heartbeats - Jose Gonzalez
Hallelujah (Live) - Martin Sexton
Statued - Adem
Lonelily - Damien Rice
Patchwork G - Gary Jules
Let's Trade Skins - Great Lake Swimmers
Home by Saturday - Hayden
Come Out Tonight - Jeffrey Gaines
Girl in the War - Josh Ritter
Lullaby - Loudon III & Wainwright
In the Sun (w/Coldplay) - Michael Stipe
DaVinci's Dream - Mike Feeney
The Ship Song - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
From the Morning - Nick Drake
Oh! Sweet Nuthin' - The Velvet Underground
Reconstruction Site - The Weatherkins
Come and Find Me - Josh Ritter
Grace Is Gone - Dave Matthews Band
He Lays In The Reins - Calexico & Iron and Wine

I have CDs for about half of the bands above but surprisingly only had one of the songs (Adem's "Statued"). So, for instance, I have a Damien Rice CD but not the one that has "Lonelily" on it. It is a nice combination of new (for me) songs from old artists and new artists, a couple of which I've now got CDs from (Jose Gonzalez, Great Lake Swimmers).

-- eidilon

11:45 AM  
Anonymous iarnuocon said...

I exchanged with RevDOG, bokeh, mcdonaldsguy and djerrid. Ozymandias, if I get a chance, I'll drop you a mix in the mail. I threw the doors open to whatever anyone wanted to send, as I'm an equal opportunity listener, and found something to love on everybody's effort. Listed by Track/Band

RevDOG put his mix online, so I got it toute suite (if not suiter):
We Are Normal, Bonzo Dog Band
Fresh Feeling, Eels
Key to Gramercy Park, Deadsy **I really liked this.
Something You Ain't Got, Cracker
Got You, The Minus 5
Outsider, Chumbawamba
The 9th Line, IQU **ditto
Do You Believe, the Cardigans **always good, IMO
Crush On Radio, Visqueen
Psycho, Dame Darcy (creepy, kinda)
There's A Girl, The Ditty Bops **very poppy, but fun.
'Til I Die, the Beach Boys
Bad Chardonnay, Graham Parker
Weightless Again, the Handsome Family
Shores of California, Dresden Dolls
Superstition, Blanche
Today of All Days, Bis
Are 'Friends' Electric?, An Pierle
Underdog Victorious, Jill Sobule
Living a Lie, Jon Langford
crying, Bjork
Basically a fun mix, with some bands I hadn't heard of, mixed with some I had, and no songs that I already owned. Dug it.

Bokeh blew me away with his lovingly crafted packaging, which made me ashamed of my own efforts in that regard, and I totally dug his Repetition of Forms CD that explored recurrent themes across a wide variety of styles. Still mulling over It's So Weird Outside, though.

Repetition of Forms **loved the whole darn thing--
I Feel Alright, James Brown
Chemical Beats, Chemical Brothers
Info World, Model 500
Sub One, Human Head Transplant
Photongnoul, Vasilisk
Regiment, Brian Eno/David Byrne
Onkonkole y Trompa, Jaco Pastorious
Black Satin, Miles Davis
Chemical Marriage, Mr Bungle
Bird's Lament, Moondog
Before the Prison Riot, Marc Ribot
model, Balanescu Quartet
Two Studies on Ancient Greek Scales, Kronos Quartet
Jhala III, Lou Harrison
Gambangan, Colin McPhee
Noolare, Nocturnal Emissions
Lious, Pan Sonic
Leyte, Cal Tjader
Tezeta, Mulatu Astatqe

Very techno feel, mixed with a combo world beat/hearts of space vibe.

Work calls. I'll post more later.

3:10 PM  
Anonymous 1fastdog said...

First things first, many, many thanks to all the Plasticians who've participated in this sometimes frustrating music exchange. I greatly appreciated everyone's co-operation during these last few rounds of Plastic's ongoing death and rebirth cycles. If there's one thing that impressed me about our participants, it was how giving and kind-hearted everyone was. Many people sent me mixes as payment for simply steering this year's ship around the unpredictable Plastic seas... I received CDs from 12! different Plasticians and they were all of very high quality - seriously, outta the large number of tracks in total, there were only a handful that didn't do anything for me, and I think that's mostly my fault since most of those were in genres that I don't particularly care for.
In the trend dept. I noticed a lot of (and greatly appreciated it!) World/International music on the discs. One of my favorite discs was entirely in World music - great job koos!
My tracklist can be viewed in the blog entry beneath this one.
My regular trade partner was kingdead and he quickly sent me a cool disc with some excellent tunes from several artists that I was unfamiliar with. [Standout tracks in bold for all discs listed, btw.]
California Stars - Billy bragg w/Wilco
Slunecny Hrob - Blue Effect
Major Label Debut(fast) - Broken Social Scene
Blues Drive Monster & Ride On a Shooting Star - the pillows
Knockin' On Heaven's Door & Gimme All Your Lovin' - The Leningrad Cowboys
Oh My Bride - Deadly Snakes
John Saw That Number & Maybe Sparrow - Neko Case
Blue & Gotta Knock A Little Harder & Want It All Back & Coralao Selvagem - Yoko Kanno
Kule Kule - Konono No 1
Promise & You're Not Here - Akira Yamaoka
Rebellion (lies) - Arcade Fire.
Again, a very cool disc. The new tracks were very good and the few tracks I already have were good choices.
On to my side swaps:
mvelinder who sent me a disc of mostly acoustic-based stuff (see eidilon's comment for the entire tracklist) of which I especially liked the tracks by Mike Feeney, Martin Sexton, Adem, and Jose Gonzalez.
timnet's disc: Driving 3: Musical Potpourri
Life Is short - Butterfly Boucher
Black Horse And The Cherry Tree - KT Tunstall
This Will Be My Year - Semisonic
How did we get from saying i love you - Great Big Sea
Sugar, we're goin' down - Fall Out Boy
Let a good thing go - Gemma Hayes
Under the gun - the Killers
Cry - the Philosopher Kings
Before Today - everything but the girl
Bearing Witness - Dreams So Real
minutes - mark curry
satisfied - odds
please stand up - british sea power
worn me down - rachel yamagata
she is - the fray
living room - tegan and sara
the outdoor type - the lemonheads
everywhere you turn - longwave
as makeshift as we are - the tragically hip
can't hardly wait - the replacements
brothers on a hotel bed - death cab for cutie
goodnight and go - imogen heap
A nice mix and with the exception of the Dreams So Real (an old fave of mine from wayback) and Replacements' tracks, all new.

Plastic Jesus' disc:
magnatron - kenickie
crooked - Evil Nine
so weit wie noch nie - jurgen pappe
the second line - clinic
hooplasinvolving circus tricks - Say Hi To Your Mom
jinxed - butterglory
it's all the same - reverie sound review
lousy smarch weather - your black star
sports wear - sports
anthem for a 17 yr old girl - broken social scene
pull a u - the kills
highway - Quruli
jets - the flaming lips
schizophrenia - sonic youth
quick sand - dinosaur jr
A terrific disc, this spent quite a bit of time in my truck's cd player.

Whew! I've still got a buncha compilations to list and it'll take awhile to list 'em all, so I'm gonna take a break for now. It'll take another post or two to finish up this all up. I provided a few links to some of the bands that I've never heard of, but didn't have the time or energy to track down all the unknowns - as ever, Google is your always-informative friend :-)
Soon to come: listings from Long Tall Wally, Gerrymander, Koos, secretpath, plasticpussy, bokeh and ozymandias - Logan and Djerrid sent me mp3 discs with hours upon hours of tunes on 'em, so consequently, I ain't listin' the tracks! You'll hafta take my word that they're full of good stuff :-)

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never received my disc from Erik Riker. I sent him the following:

Wilco -- I am trying to break your heart
Spiritualized -- Anyway you want me
American Analog Set -- All about us
American Analog Set -- Too tired to shine
Built to Spill - Kicked it in the Sun (live)
Uncle Tupelo -- Moonshiner
Jay Farrar and Kelly Willis -- Rex's Blues (live)
Pleasant Grove -- I couldn't withstand the damage
Pleasant Grove -- Andulasia Sound
The Minders -- Hooray for Tuesday
The Minders -- Treehouse
The Minders -- Frida
Magnetic Fields -- When my boy walks down the street
Magnetic Fields -- All the umbrellas in London
Apples in Stereo -- Strawberry Fire
Comet -- American Flyer

-- GreenPolicy

7:05 PM  
Anonymous eidilon said...

GP - I love the Magnetic Fields, I'm always surprised that more people haven't heard of them.

As the exchange took a little longer than expected I ended up doing a second exchange with KJames199 who it turns out lives up in Canada. With the disc was a note that said "Here are 20 songs, all by Canadian artists, none of whom are that big in the States (to the best of my knowledge)." Sure enough, I had only heard of two of them (the links go to pages for the bands with free downloads):

* Devil Take My Soul - Son of Dave
* Blood of a Young Wolf - Buck 65 (I like Buck 65 and hadn't heard this one before)
* Oh, Alberta - Elliott Brood
* Emily, Please - Luke Doucet
* X-Pat - Octoberman
* Diaphanous Hairshirt - Ford Pier
* Clown & Bard - Geoff Berner
* T. Hatch Says 'Round Ev'ry Corner' - P:ano
* You Are a Runner... - Wolf Parade
* Check Your Messages - The Meligrove Band
* Sara's Black Pyjamas - The Bonaduces
* Agatha Read - The Barmitzvah Brothers
* Sing This Song - Jeen O'Brien
* Tarantulove - Hawksley Workman
* Magnetic Strip - Controller.Controller
* Carousel - The Mark Inside
* Gaining Ground/Losing Sight - Novillero
* This is a Fire Door... - The Weakerthans
* True Patriot Love - Joel Plaskett Emergency (It needed more harmonica, though.)

8:54 PM  
Anonymous debutante said...


if anyone is actually interested, i can fill in details about the songs and bands on my list. but i am running behind in my work now, so i will keep it short.

of course, i can never decide on just one CD's worth, so i sent 2. 2 times the greatness, if you like it. 2 times the lameness, if you don't.

here is the list: (by the way, i have promised it to a couple others, but b/c of work and the recent plastic outage/outrage (oh! you hadn't heard?), i haven't done it. soon, i promise.

anyway, here is the list:

disk one:

Dropp -- Autechre
Cretan Song -- Black Ox Orkestar
Standing There -- The Creatures
Panda Panda Panda -- Deerhoof
Solve The Problem -- Good For Cows
The Apartment Song -- Do Make Say Think
Lucy's Sad -- Hrsta
Sex Changes -- The Dresden Dolls
Sand -- Einstürzende Neubauten
Quelques Mots Pleins d'Ombre -- Esmerine
Partially Sabotaged Distraction Partiellement Sabotee -- Fly Pan Am
Klang Klang -- HangedUp
Nancy Sings -- Jandek
Moya -- Godspeed You Black Emperor!
There's a River in the Valley Made of Melting Snow -- A Silver Mt Zion

disk two:

Tremor -- Japancakes
L'appareil A Sous -- Stereo Total
Lake Speed -- Labradford
Supadoopa -- Les Georges Leningrad
13 Monsters -- Lightning Bolt
Christianity Is Stupid -- Negativland
Beethoven 7th, 2nd mvt -- Zoe Keating
Spathic!! -- Melt Banana
Some Velvet Morning --Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood
Halcyon (Beautiful Days) -- Mono
The Mercy Seat (acoustic) -- Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Six Gnossiennes 1 -- Klára Körmendi plays Erik Satie
Another Day -- This Mortal Coil
Autobahn -- The Balanescu Quartet
Polaris -- Bostich
Hello! We Move Through Weather! -- Tarentel
Fading Lights Are Fading / Reign Rebuilder [Tail Out] -- Set Fire To Flames

okay, that's it. it's actually a lot of canadian bands up there. strangely enough, my trading partner, KJames199, offered up his own mix of canado-centric tunes. unfortunately, i am too lazy to type out the list right now, and the poppy/rocky vibe of the tunes did not really do it for me, although i don't doubt their quality.

10:14 PM  
Anonymous secretpath said...

When I got Tbola’s mix, I was in the run-up to finals at school, so I didn’t really get a chance to listen to it thoroughly until the madness ended this week (sorry ‘bout that, T – I hope this review makes up for my somewhat-rude silence). He made a two-disc set, with one “official” mix that aims to entertain the listener and then a “run-over” mix that’s more geared toward his personal tastes. I like this approach because you get both the curatorial “here’s what’s cool” as well as the more individual “here’s what I like.”

When putting together a mix for someone I don’t know well, I always feel compelled to put together something “eclectic.” This is partly because I want to make sure that there’ll be at least something for anyone who listens to it, but I also want to play around with the “art of the mix” and show off a bit. This second urge is where a mix veers into dangerous, self-indulgent territory. For me, it’s kind of fun (and strangely logical) to transition from Charlie Parker into Minor Threat, but I gotta allow that it might be a little jarring to the average listener. Two or three of those “fast-forward moments” and your awesome mix becomes distinctly non-awesome.

Putting together a mix that’s all in one style that you really like allows for a more even-keeled listen, but then what if the recipient just isn’t that “into” your favorite band? Worse, what if they hate it? On the other hand, the mix recipient could absolutely love your genre of choice, but would never have been exposed to it were it not for your brilliant mix. It’s a gamble. I’m not nearly brave enough to inflict my tastes of the moment on a general audience. Hell, I’d be hesitant to inflict my current tastes on a future version of me, just a year or so down the road. I’m amazed at some of the crap I was listening to even six months ago.

I’m happy to say that both of Tbola’s CDs were great, and each clearly had its own voice. The “main” mix had a few old favorites of mine (Concrete Blonde and The New Pornographers), some tracks that I hadn’t heard before and really like (TV on the Radio and Wolf Parade – especially Wolf Parade), plus a few that I think are just fun (The Pipettes, Blue Oyster Cult, LCD Sound System). The only thing that seemed a little out of place was the Saul Williams track. I’d probably like it in a different context, but it wasn’t nearly as playful as the rest of the mix and seemed too earnest, in its “suburban revolutionary” way, for me to take seriously. I liked every song but that one, though. The track list is:

* The Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)
* The New Pornographers – The Laws Have Changed
* The Pipettes – Your Kisses Are Wasted on Me
* Grandaddy – Pull the Curtains
* Spoon – Execution
* Animal Collective – The Purple Bottle
* Blue Oyster Cult – Godzilla
* Concrete Blonde – Still in Hollywood
* Death From Above 1979 – Turn it Out
* Boards of Canada – Rue the Whirl
* TV on the Radio – Staring at the Sun
* Outkast – Gasoline Dreams
* Saul Williams – Act III, Scene 2 (Shakespeare)
* Sleater-Kinney – Words and Guitar
* Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood
* Wolf Parade – Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts
* Modest Mouse – What People Are Made Of
* The Dresden Dolls – Bad Habit
* LCD Soundsystem – Losing My Edge
* Butch Cassidy Sound System – Cissy Strut

The second disc, “Supplementals,” was a collection of (in Tbola’s words) “gravel music,” with liberal sprinklings of country and folk inflections throughout. I like it. I’ve listened to it several times over the last few days, and even though no single track stands out, it’s great to just pop in the stereo while reading, like you’ve just happened upon a neat new radio station. I hope that’s not too offensive, re-appropriating someone’s favorite songs as “background music,” but that’s what I got from it, and I do like it. The track list is:

* The Verve – History
* Antony and the Johnsons – Fistful of Love
* Jonathan Richman – The Origin of Love (reprise)
* Sebadoh – On Fire
* Calexico – Not Even Stevie Nicks
* The Mountain Goats – The Mess Inside
* My Morning Jacket – Strangulation
* The Be Good Tanyas – House of the Rising Sun
* Shawn Mullins – Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down
* Ryan Adams – English Girls Approximately
* Golden Smog – Until You Came Along
* Drive-By truckers – Uncle Frank
* Uncle Tupelo – Moonshiner
* John Prine – Far From Me
* Rufus Wainwright – One Man Guy
* Loudon Wainwright III – The Swimming Song

And Tbola, I’m still planning on sending you my mix from last year, honest. I figure it's only fair to exchange a 2 for 2.


10:41 PM  
Anonymous secretpath said...

Also, to save 1fastdog and Tbola the time of typing up my tracklists, here they are.

This year’s mix had a bit of jazz, since Tbola requested some leads in that direction, some reggae, since that’s one of the genres I’ve been exploring lately, some unusual hip-hop, just because, and a smattering of other diverse styles (yeah, that whole “I’m so eclectic” thing that I mentioned in my previous post comes into play here). No tricky and contrived “conceptual” driver behind this selection. Just a bunch of stuff that I like.

2006 Mix:
* Hanne Hukkelberg - Easy (Sutekh's in C Mix)
* Prefuse 73 - Plastic (feat. Diverse)
* Horace Andy - Skylarking
* Charlie Parker - Groovin' High
* Minor Threat - I Don't Wanna Hear It
* Dawn Penn - No, No, No
* Nina Simone - Love Me or Leave Me
* Jimmie Strothers - Poontang Little, Poontang Small
* Madvillain - Great Day (Four Tet Remix)
* Hanne Hukkelberg - Little Girl
* Yoko Kanno - Tank!
* Justin Hinds and the Dominoes - Carry Go Bring Come (Ska Version)
* Billie Holiday - 'Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do
* Astor Piazzolla/Yo-Yo Ma - Tango Fugata
* Nina Simone - Strange Fruit
* Boom Bip & Doseone - The Birdcatcher's Return
* John Clarke - Pollution (Horns Version)
* Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda
* Burning Spear - Jah No Dead
* Cinematic Orchestra - All Things To All Men (feat. Roots Manuva)
* Belong - I Never Lose, Never Really

However, last year’s mix was really trying for something. Exactly what, I’m still not sure how to put into words, but it basically came down to projecting the characters' internal worlds onto the landscape in this semi-mythical fashion. The Andrew Bird track was the jumping off point. I loved the way that it made the landscape “alive” in a strange, dream-like way (and channeled Wile E. Coyote as some kind of grand metaphor for life). Not all the songs follow that format, but a lot of them do have a similar feel, it seems to me. And I like them. The tracks are:

2005 Mix:
* Zap Mama - Din Din
* Andrew Bird - Case In Point
* The Postal Service - Such Great Heights
* Roots Manuva - Movements
* Nina Simone - Feeling Good
* Moondog - Lament I ("Bird's Lament")
* Philip Glass - In The Upper Room: Dance I
* I Am Kloot - Over My Shoulder
* Iggy Pop - The Passenger
* Barrington Levy - Here I Come
* Charles Mingus - II B.S.
* Paco De Lucia & Manitas De Plata - Tanguillos
* Concrete Blonde - Still in Hollywood
* Jorge Ben - Ponta De Lanca Africano (Umbabarauma)
* Shirley Ellis - The Clapping Song
* Jonny Teupen - Hold Me, I've Got To Leave You
* Devotchka - You Love Me
* Jim O'Rourke - Ghost Ship In A Storm
* Einstürzende Neubauten - Youme & Meyou
* The Shins - New Slang
* Lali Puna - Faking the Books
* Chris Watson - Adult cheetah resting by baobab tree

Make of it what you will...


11:17 PM  
Anonymous ozymandias said...

I've got internet access at my hotel, so I'll be able to read and post for a bit each night.


Amazingly, Djerrid only lives about 50 miles away from me, and we both live in Colorado also. (I live in Longmont (just NE of Boulder). Small world, huh?

Anyone that would like to make another swap, feel free to contact me via email paul_prestopnikNOSPAMS@yahoo.com. I'll send out a CD to anyone that's willing to send one to me.

I don't have the CDs I received with me, but some quick comments from memory:

Djerrid's disk - mp3 disk with 146 tracks. I'd say the most common bands were LedZep & Cake, but there was a wide range of music, much of which I'd never heard before. Since there was so much music, I only had a chance to get through it once. From what I remember I liked pretty much every track. I didn't really get a chance to see who the specific artists that I didn't recognize where, but I'm sure that will change as I get a chance to listen to it more.

This also brought up a conflict I thought of when making my CD. mp3 or CDA? Obviously mp3 allows a much greater collection of music, but in the end I went with CDA. I felt like it forced me to really pick the very best of what I wanted to share, plus listeners get a chance to become intimately familiar with the songs you've chosen, and can really get exposed to the new bands in a relatively short period of time. Of course mp3 cds allow that but over a longer time scale.

1fastdog - Really great mix CD. As I listened to it, I felt a common theme was that it reminded me of what my dad used to call (or probably still does) OBG music. Oldies But Goodies - basically 60s/70s pop (although 1fastdog's mix is much better than the mostly forgettable stuff that is common from the most popular pop of that era). I find it hard to put together a consistant theme to my mix CDs, so this impressed me. Pretty much everysong on here is great. After skimming through 1fastdogs writeup I was surprised to see that several of the bands are actually from the 60s/70s. When listening, I had assumed that everything was more recent, but in the style of older music. I've listened to it maybe 4-5 times, and I'm looking forward to becoming intimately familiar with it.

Since I didn't really participate in the discussion last year, let me quickly mention the CDs I received then.

Bokeh- It sounds like Bokeh sent out the same CD last year, which I was really tempted to do, since I was swapping with new people anyway (although in the end I decided I was making this mix as much for myself as for you guys, so I went ahead and made a new one). His CD was very impressive. Great theme. A mix of classical to techno, but it all fit the "Repetition of Forms" theme. When I got it last year, I was really getting into polyrythmic music, so it was perfect for me. Unfortunately, when I pulled it out this year to add something from it to my mix, I found out that about 2/3rd of the songs on it skipped badly. I noticed the label/sticker on the CD had bubbled up in two places, so maybe that was the problem. I wish I had ripped it to mp3s when I first got it, but I didn't have time to type in all the crazy names, so didn't get around to it. <pout> Damn. If any kind soul can host or email me the mp3s I would be forever in their debt.

Greta - I guess greta's not involved this year. Last year she sent out what I considered the ultimate hipster album. (in a good way) I'd heard of maybe 2/3rd of the bands, but had actually only heard 3 or 4 of them. When I first got it, I wasn't sure if I really liked some of the music (a bit too 'normal' for what I usually listen to), but it quickly grew on me. In fact I've orderd albums from several of the bands on there. After listening to the album a few times, I was surprised when the songs seemed to turn up everywhere. I especially noticed on VH1's 'Best Week Ever' about 10 months ago, it seemed like every episode they played a clip from one or two of greta's songs in the background.
I included 3 of my favorite tracks from her album on my mix this year, so check it out on my website if you want.

1:01 AM  
Anonymous profpeach said...

I traded with bokeh and Djerrid. I have to apologize to Djerrid. I promised to listen to his disc over the Memorial Day weekend, but there was never a chance. Maybe this week. bokeh sent out a different disc from last year (at least to me) and I'm always knocked out by what he finds (or just has laying around the house).

Each time that I've put together a mix, it's been the end of the semester and I'm in the mood for some serious leisure. That means my mixes tend to encourage zoning out (with some danceability). I have a lot of old music. 2005 was way more electronic than 2006

1. III. Winds and Brass - Steve Reich
2. Pi - Kate Bush
3. Depth Charge - Pearl
4. Pink Cashmere - Prince
5. Diferente - Gotan Project
6. Tres Pontes - Milton Nascimento
7. Ire - King Sunny Ade and his African Beats
8. Illumination - Thievery Corporation
9. Wind Chant - Airto
10. Things Fall Apart - Jerry Harrison
11. Dissipative Structures - T. Power
12. Sinfonia for eight voices and orchestra (1968): IV [without indication] - London Voices, Göteborgs Symfoniker Berio

1. Blackwatch and Greed - Gentle Rain
2. Grace Jones - Toulon Willie
3. Charles Mingus - E's Flat Ah's Flat Too
4. US3 - Come On Everybody
5. Bagstrap - C'est La Vie (Shining Mix)
6. DJ Krust - Deep Sleep
7. Battles - IPT 2
8. Qaballah Steppers - Perpetual White Moss
9. Wax Doctor - Atmospheric Funk
10. Herbalism - Run Away
11. Open Canvas - Haj (Sacred Journey)
12. David Byrne, Brian Eno - Qu'ran
13. Vladimir Cosima - Abandoned Factory
14. Meredith Monk - Urban March (shadow)
15. Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra performing Arvo Part's Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten

1:38 AM  
Blogger Trev said...

I've been sorta drowning at work this week - but I'm gonna jot down some notes on Secretpath's quality mix a little later today.
When I'm at work.
(Hee! It's revenge for being swamped in the first place.)

7:32 AM  
Blogger Trev said...

Oh, Trev = Tbola.

7:33 AM  
Blogger Trev said...

I remember being at one of those "work functions", you know - a Christmas party or something - one of those times when the "elite" and upper management people actually sometimes actually get a little drunk and dance and mix and mingle with the rest of us lowbies.
This time, my co-worker buddy was dancing/flirting/making progress with one of our pretty "elites". I remember him confessing later that he never would have had the nerve to do that had he not been a little stupid from the booze - and the majority of the time he was doing his thing, he was just repeating to himself, "just don't fall down... just don't fall down."

Being a part of a music exchange with you guys reminds me a lot of that story - mainly because I know I'm playing out of my league, and I'm afraid I'm gonna look like an ass when all is said and done.

My music exchange partner was secretpath (he's already transcribed his tracklist above.. thanks!).
He really blew me away with his mix. It was very much a secret world of music I really hadn't been exposed to, (and in many cases, never heard of the artists), and it was like getting a guided tour through this expansive new area.
Most of the music had an age and maturity to it (I used to call that "Carlsberg-y", until I realized some people took that as an insult), with some playful spackles of levity (at least musically - I admit I'm slow to absorb lyrics).
My favourite new discovery was Hanne Hukkelberg - gorgeous layer upon layer of delicate and unique noises, with her vulnerable/meek/pretty vocals drizzled on top. I'm not in the habit of liking just because it's different, but I really liked her sound - and it sounded very different to me.
Other high points included "Plastic" (sniffles wistfully), and the crazy fun of Yoko Kanno's Tank!

The reggae offerings are growing slower on me - but they are certainly more enticing to me than most of the reggae-ish stuff I've heard, which for some reason insantly turns me off.

Capsule Review: "Secretpath hits one out of the park!" - Tbola

11:28 AM  
Anonymous eidilon said...

Ozymandias - I work for Seagate (albeit in Colorado Springs) so I'm pretty familiar with Longmont. After the Maxtor acquisition we're now the #3 employer in the city, I believe.

Tbola - Yoko Kanno is one of the more famous composers of soundtracks for anime in Japan. If you've ever watched Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex on Cartoon Network you've seen more of her work.

12:15 PM  
Anonymous secretpath said...

This is probably the place where I should acknowledge that I might not have heard of Yoko Kanno, either, were it not for last year's music exchange. Tank! was on the disc that I received from PaSTE, and I included it on this year's exhange to keep the Plastic ball a-rollin'. I'm glad to hear that it's carried on in style.


3:34 PM  
Anonymous 1fastdog said...

Part 2:
Long Tall Wally's disc: Music for an ordinary day: plastic swap 2006
ladies and gentelman we are floating in space (unreleased) - spiritualized
television - robyn hitchcock
here come the warm jets - brian eno
huffman prairie flying field - guided by voices
turtle song - kahimi karie w/ the olivia tremor control
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah - the pogues
hard to believe - kirsty maccoll
starry eyes - roky erickson
shock treatment - cast of shock treatment
excursions into oh, a-oh - stereolab
endless yesterday - mudhoney
guts - john cale
some velvet morning - nancy sinatra & lee hazelwood
opium den - sun city girls
ann - the stooges
go - lemon jelly
shrine of the black youth - julian cope
teenage lightning 2005 - coil
I trade discs with LTW all the time and this is his standard issue, high quality compilation. It's a good mix of challenging tunes compiled with some hooky, melodic stuff to balance things out. A really nice comp that grows a little bit every time you hear it. Gotta mention that the John Cale track was one of the few tunes I received that I just couldn't stomach - as I noted in my earlier post though, that's my fault, not the song's :-)

Koos' disc: Foriegn Affairs: a plastic.com mix
If I had to pick an out and out favorite, this would be it! Just a great, great compilation. koos put together one of the best "World music" comps that you're likely to run across anywhere - including anything on any major label. Seriously. Every track is good, every track offers something new and is yet familiar at the same time, and every track flows into the next like a step-by-step instruction manual on how to craft a mix cd!

ca plane pour moi - plastic bertrand
congoleo - angelique kidjo
el liricista en el tejado - sfkd
allo allo - transformer di roboters
twiggy vs james bond - pizzicato five
je t'aime tant - julie delpy
gekommen um zu bleiben - wir sind helden
l'italiano - patrizio buanne
l' amour a 3 - stereo total
mundian to bach ke - panjabi mc
yitte - patrice larose & julia sarr
no controles - ole ole
jolie bruine - camille
este corazon - la secta
ponta de laca africano - jorge ben
laisse tomber les filles - april march
lagrimas de plastico azul - joaquin sabina
monokini - nous non plus
el secreto de tus coletas - los punsetes
outo maa - terveet kadet

An outstanding disc in every way. Those who don't have this should beat a hasty path to koos' door and beg for a copy :-)

Bokeh's disc: It's So Weird Outside:
still life with contraband - thing
terrapin - bonobo
6am jullander shere - cornershop
lost in laos - dengue fever
tahiti - rodd keith
to love somebody - rusty brown
little ole country boy - parliament
do the wrong thing - the lounge lizards
wayang II - anthony davis
way back when - the torch marauder
moliendo cafe - fanfare ciocarlia
transporte sans bouger - stereolab
loud music in cars - billy bremner
junkie nurse - royal trux
being it - arthur russell
indian love song - dirty three
keeping you in mind - mary margaret o'hara

This is a very atmospheric disc and was lovingly crafted. Bokeh's discs tend to be challenging and off the beaten-path. His offering from last year (of which iarnuocon has already posted the tracklist) was good and I liked most of it, but was a bit cold for my usual listening tastes. This year's disc is much warmer and more melodic, thus it's much more appealing to me. Overall, an excellent disc that I find myself listening to on headphones quite frequently.

Secretpath's discs (of which he's already posted the tracklistings, so I'll just hi-light my faves.
2006 mix:
Horace Andy - Skylarking
Prefuse 73 - Plastic (feat. Diverse)
Madvillain - Great Day (Four Tet Remix)
Justin Hinds and the Dominoes - Carry Go Bring Come (Ska Version)
John Clarke - Pollution (Horns Version)
Burning Spear - Jah No Dead

A very good disc with some good hip-hop and a lotta excellent old-school Reggae and Ska tracks, which are right up my alley. I believe that the Burning Spear track is the same recording that's found in the movie Rockers, which I reviewed earlier this year, is it not?
2005 mix:
The Postal Service - Such Great Heights
Roots Manuva - Movements
I Am Kloot - Over My Shoulder
Charles Mingus - II B.S.
Shirley Ellis - The Clapping Song

A nice, eclectic mix that plays very well with this years mix when listened to back to back. Both discs are very nicely done.

I've got a couple of more to post yet (from gerrymander, ozymandias and plasticpussy) which i'll finish up later tonight or sometime tomorrow.

5:04 PM  
Anonymous eidilon said...

secretpath (or anyone else): I'll try to put together a "best of Yoko Kanno" type sampler and put the mp3s up on the web somewhere. I'll post the address when I'm done.

5:47 PM  
Anonymous eidilon said...

I put a zip file containing 15 tracks by Yoko Kanno on YouSendIt, you can download it here.

8:33 PM  
Anonymous gerrymander said...

I am become iShva, Destroyer of PCs. Seriously. This is the second time in two years my scheduled partner's system crashed while compiling the Plastic mix. I'm starting to feel guilty.

But thanks to 1fastdog, I didn't go without. His is a thoroughly enjoyable mix -- those of you who haven't gotten a copy should talk to the man about getting one.

Koos and bokeh -- and anyone else, for that matter -- I'd be more than willing to swap. If y'all want to wait for the pending review so you can be assured of not getting a pig in a poke, that's cool. Or, if you want to throw caution to the wind, I'll prevail upon our host's good nature to pass along my e- and snail-mail address.

12:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

If you wish, we can take the conversation here: http://www.treesandthings.com/ . It's a stand-in for plastic which may become permanent.

And on the music front cutta supplied me with a very good mix. I find this stuff hard - i am great at making mixes for certain people if I know them well, but doing it "blind" as it were is a bit tougher. Of course, I could have snooped around a bit more but time really does not allow. So. I think I did an ok job but not up to the standard of obscurity and/or taste of others here.

Since I converted by music collection to mp3 (I have about 27gbs of music, which seems a lot) and got an ipod, I feel like I have been a lot more haphazard in my listening habits. I'm not the careful listener and curator I used to be when I would put on one album and listen to it for days. I still have my faves and I use playlists a little but I listen a lot on random (particularly on the ipod) and there is still music I love but haven't listened to for months, or stuff I have never heard at all! Anyone else have similar issues?

6:14 AM  
Anonymous Djerrid said...

I'm blissfully drowning in music here in Djerrid Land. There's so much to go over since I received about 10 mixes worth of music (just got yours ozymandias and am now listening to it on my iPod at work).

So this is how I'm going to go over them. When I get back home I'm going to highlight my favorites from each disk. I've rated about 90% of the songs on iTunes so that should help me out.

A complete listing of my mix can be found here (thanks Matt!):

In retro, I don't know how much Cake got on there since I strove to spread the styles and artists as much as I could. (I make no appologies for the plethora of live Led Zep tracks :))

Going down the list of songs on my mix, here are a few tracks I should highlight:

Allegri - Miserere Mei, Deus has a very interesting history you can read about here: http://www.good-music-guide.com/reviews/046_allegri_miserere.htm

I Can't Quit You Baby: Led Zeppelin was greatly influenced by the powerful blues artists they grew up with, which was easily noticeable in their early covers. It's amazing listening to Otis Rush's version right before Led Zep's BBC session tears it apart.

Ballad Of The Skeletons: I watched Allen Ginsberg recite "Howl" shortly before his death. He was sick at the time and you could see it take a lot out of him. One thing that surprised me was how much singing and chanting he did. One song, "Don't Smoke" I've been trying to find ever since. "Skeletons" is what I stumbled across instead.

Metroid Bluebase Incidental OC Remix is a souped up redition to one of the Metroid themes. A lot of great video game remixes including this one can be found here: http://www.ocremix.org/

Phil Ochs I discovered via a Plastic story some years ago. I think that story was one of the reasons that I started this Exchange up.

Wine, Women, And Song You can download the entire album from Harvey Danger's website: http://harveydanger.com/downloads/

I've Got A Theory-Bunnies-If We're Together: Yup, got to admit it, I'm a Buffy fanboy. The songs from that episode (Once More With Feeling) were smart, witty and surprisingly good since Joss Whedon never wrote a song before in his life.

Francisco J . Hernandez was a friend of mine back when I was working in a coffee shop and was what Norm was to Cheers. You can tell he was classically trained by someone who knows what he is doing.

Dee: Randy Rhoads of Black Sabboth was learning classical guitar and was going to incorporate in into his Metal work when he died in a car accident. "Dee" is him sight reading a piece he's never seen before.

Imagine...Walk On The Wild Side Mixing Bush's speeches with Imagine is sureal. More can be found here:

Powaqqatsi: http://www.ibiblio.org/Dave/Dr-Fun/df200211/df20021120.jpg

Night Life was written and performed by Willie Nelson. Aretha Franklin somehow took this light Country song and turned it into earthy blues.

Vegetables: I first heard about the "Smile" album from a Plastic story and found a bootleg of "Vegetables" before the album was finally released. I liked the bootleg version better.

So Long, Farewell The Vandals channeling the Van Trapp's; every mix should end like this.

Ok, that's enough. If you haven't recieved this mix and have become intriged, drop me a line at my Djerrid gmail account and I'll send one to you. Thoughts on your mixes coming tonight.

12:24 PM  
Anonymous ozymandias said...

Gerrymander, I'd love to swap with you (and anyone else for that matter - I've been happy with these mixes without exception) (fastdog, can you pass me his email when you get a chance?)

Anonymous, I've got probably 90GB of music. When I go visit my parents, I rip their CDs. I've gotten 20-30 GB from a collection of a good friend, and I often go to the library to borrow CDs and rip those. Unfortuantely, I bet I'm only familiar with a 3rd of it. There's just too much, and I defnitely know what you mean about not getting to become intimately familiar with the music. I miss buying an album, and listening to it over and over until I know all the words, etc. I still buy albums occasionally, but more often, I'm listening to mp3s I've gotten from god knows where, and usually fill a CD with mp3s, so I have 10-12 albums on their at once, and listen on random... (my mp3 list from about a year ago: http://prestopnik.com/media/mp3_list.php)

djerrid, No need to apologize for the cake. It might have just been that they are one of the bands on your mix I know. I loved your mix, but on the first time through, that's one thing that stood out. I was really glad to finally hear Phils Ochs and Soylent Gringo, because I've heard so much about them, but
haven't gotten to hear them.

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, everybody-

Sorry to be late to the party, but I just wanted to say thanks to 1fastdog for putting this together, Djerrid for the original idea, and my swapmates iarnuocon and profpeach (Expat Funster, where are you?). I'll be putting up a review soon, gotta go now.

11:07 PM  
Anonymous timnet said...

For the sake of this swap, I may have been the luckiest Plastician (ex-Plastician?) because Yohan and a friend sent me not one, not two, but three (!) discs.

Way too many good tracks to mention right now (I just returned from a conference; my mind is pudding). Among other things, they introduced me to what is now the worldwide phenomenon of Gnarls Barkley's funky "Crazy"; helped rekindle my appreciation for Simon and Garfunkel's "America"; and provided tracks from the likes of Flogging Molly, Chemical Brothers, The Go! Team, Aphex Twin and others that will go great on the iPod for exercise. Whatever exercise is. None of this does the collection of mixes justice. Very much a pleasure.

And props to JP, who flat-out rocks for coordinating this project.

11:12 PM  
Anonymous Djerrid said...

Before we begin, here's some stats. I received 10 mixes (5 from iarnuocon alone!) which totaled up to 285 songs spanning 20 hours and 30 minutes and bulking up my hard drive by 1.5 GB. By diligently filling up my ipod with unrated songs before going to work, I was able to listen and to every one. I’ve listed below my favorites, garnering four stars or more. Those in bold have received the coveted five star rating.

First up, my original Pal for this exchange: profpeach. Like she said, it was mellow, dreamy trance. Not the cheap dime-bag stuff either. You want to take this score to your bedroom, pull the blinds, turn off the lights, lie down with a pair of fluffy headphones and slip in between consciousness and sleep. As for the other half of her mix, I wanted to get up just long enough to light a few candles, drag my wife back to bed and go dancing.

Pi – I usually don’t take to contemporary classical music, but this one had such an interesting mix between depth and lightness.
Pink Cashmere – My favorite of the mix. I didn’t know I could sink so deep into my pillow while still being fully awake.
Tres Pontes – Two words came to my mind; tipsy and sophisticated.
Ire / Things Fall Apart – I feel like I should be in a club in Buenos Ares.
Wind Chant – I’ve got a perpetual little nod, with my chin bouncing up and down.

Next, this year’s host: 1fastdog. It’s really close, but I think he’s getting the Best Plastic Mix of ’06 nod from me. There was just so many great pop songs that just stand out and say, “Yup, this is what you’ve been looking for.”

Senegal Fast Food – Out of the 285 that have come to me, I keep coming back to this one as the absolute best song. It just leaves me agog that this has not crossed over to the states and taken up permanent residence on our airwaves. I keep on listening to it and never growing tired. If there is one song here that I’d recommend you blindly dropping 99 pennies on, this would be it.
The Little Black Egg – I actually have a The Cars cover of this. I never knew that it was a cover.
Get It Together – I’ve got this little happy smile that I get when I’m enjoying life with friends and family. Now I’ve got an audio to accompany the visual.
This Heart's On Fire – Very catchy. Great driving tune.
People – Another that’s got that catchy thing going for it. Mellow and attentive.
Amazon – Powerful, engaging and penetrating. Even more so when you know her history (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M.I.A.) it gives the song more relevance.
The Diner Song (Caesars) – Fun Ska. 1fastdog really knows how to spot the good hooks.
Everyday – Great cover of Buddy Holly’s classic.

Iarnuocon created an individual mix for every one of his Pals. I was very fortunate to receive all of those mixes from him. Each one was created around a different theme independent of the others. It would take too much to go into all of my favorites, so I’ll just list them. My favorite of the five was this great collection of classic soul songs, many of which were ripped straight from the decades-old vinyl. Wow, what a great find. You could tell that if these records were slipped to the right DJ at the right time, we would all know these as Motown classics. This is what I was thinking of when I started this exchange.

Bad Bad Understanding
Debt Of Love
I'm So Confused
You Haven't Done Nothin

Next mix: Power Pop and Covers. Some real solid hits there with the power pop. They really connected. And some of the covers were just plain neat.

Blow Out (acoustic)
I Can't Live Without My Radio
Nothing Ever Happens
There's No Way Out Of Here

Convertible Music – I’ve got to admit, many of those songs I don’t picture myself listening to with the top down. I’m thinking of breaking it out for a party with close friends.

C'mon Everybody Drop It Like It's Hot – Ok, that’s just fun. You can see 8th graders trading it with each other with their cell phones.
Chick a Boom Boom – Love the children’s book
Processed Beats
Pumping On Your Stereo
Putain Ca Penche

Misc. – I can just picture iarnuocon thinking to himself, “Well, that doesn’t fit anywhere. But I’ve just got to include that one.”

Cold Hands Warm Heart - Chris Shaw Mix
It's a Movie

My Fake SciFi Movie – Spot on. These would be a perfect backdrop. You’d probably also like sine fiction; invented soundtracks for science fiction novels. http://www.notype.com/sine/index.html I’d personally recommend the “1984” tracks.

flick ruler
Flyswatter – Oooh, that just hit me right. It just sticks in my head.
Guerrilla Radio
Kid A – Orgasmicly good
Something I Can Never Have – This song worked perfectly in “Natural Born Killers”

Ok, it’s midnight. I’ll do the rest tomorrow.

2:01 AM  
Blogger Rev. Syung Myung Me said...

I'm a bad spud and haven't had time to listen to mixes, though I've got a few! Which is pretty rad. My tracklisting is here (along with notes on all the tracks/many of the artists), and since it's a Mix CD Wiki Type Thing, I asked Djerrid if he'd like me to post his on there for him (since it's a big Mp3 CD) and he said yeah, so it's: here. And, if other people want to post Mix CDs there, that'd be keen, too -- just so that way, the idea is that it's a big cross-referenced list of mix CDs by various people and song liner notes and all that kinda stuff. Anyway, though, yeah, the main site is: Your Subculture Soundtrack, and here's the mix CD section, along with these two related articles which might be useful: How to submit Mix CD tracklistings to GraceNote so they come up when your recipients put your CD in and A quick way to generate tracklisting for the site, which might be particularly useful for the mp3 disc type mixes.

(Um, I'm not suually this whorish. I'm also Rev. DOG, by the way. Um, also, the new Handsome Family record is exquisite.)

11:41 AM  
Anonymous 1fastdog said...

Part 3:
gerrymander's disc: Loss & Luxury
a lotta nerve - allister
what i say and what i mean - the like
she said, she said (live) - matthew sweet
i want you - danko jones
we've had enough - alkaline trio
blackout - lush
i wouldn't lie - jason & allison
hold on, hold on - neko case
tess don't tell - ivy
sugar 5 - lamb
we all float - hooverphonic
unicorn - bel canto
sweet harmony - the beloved
paper bag - fiona apple
standing still - sam phillips
paper doll - p.m. dawn
complicated - poi dog pondering

gerry's mix starts off with some hooky, fist pumpers, then ever-so-gently slows down and spreads itself out. This disc is quite good - if you had a cool alterna-rock radio station close to you, this is what they might play. A nice mix of genres that play well with each other.

plasticpussy's mix: Algo Ephemerals - Notorious, Confidential & Smoking
big exit - pj harvey
funkier than a mosquita's tweeter - ike & tina turner
first of the last calls - husker du
moving through time - angelo badalamenti
many happy returns - abc
tears are not enough - abc
cannibal - scratch acid
gotta get my eyes done - the voluptuous hooror of karen black
free flow of information - alpha centauri
gold lion - yeah yeah yeahs
gravity ship - alpa centauri
the pink room - angelo badalamenti
the return of the jedi - dj cam
portrait of wellman braud - duke ellington
strange eyes - sunz of man, 12 o'clock & the blue raspberry
roots - willie bobo
slum goddess - the fugs
let's go to the pawn shop - the voluptuous hooror of karen black
one evening - the jesus lizard
visionary - red kross
u.r.a.q.t. - m.i.a.
planet kaos - los infernos
the new world
sarcasmatron - the humpers

Fantastic Plastic Bonus Disc
a prayer - shellac
anna - the jesus lizard
creepy jackalope eye - the supersuckers & steve earle
funnel of love - wanda jackson
i'm blue (the gong gong song) - ike turner and the ikettes
i'm not down - the clash
doesn't make it alright - the specials
little eiffel - the pixies
lost in the supermarket - the clash
rhythm line - the embarrassment
the havenots - x
A really diverse mix spread over two discs that manages to hit a lotta different styles of music (bonus points for the Ska and Surf tunes!) - very hipster-esque! Other than a few of the jazzy/electronic tunes (duke e. & dj cam) - which aren't normally my cup of tea, anyway - these discs had a ton of good stuff on 'em. I'd term these discs as "enthusiastic", 'cuz platicpussy's enthusiasm for the songs was evident and heartfelt. A very nice 2 disc set that those with eclectic tastes should try and get a hold of!
I've still got ozy's disc to cover and will get to that a little later on.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous gerrymander said...

Oz, I'd be more than happy to trade. I'm assuming that's you're email on your website, so I've sent a message to the first yahoo account listed, titled (obviously) "Plastic music exchange".

4:29 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

Hey JP: Did you ever tell me you were a big fan of Dreams So Real before? Is my memory going? They are one of my all-time faves, obscure though they are. I recently put together a Definitive Dreams So Real Revisionist Remix that is winning new converts to the fine band.

Oh, and if you have a copy of the Dreams So Real Father's House album which you could dub for me, I may have to name my firstborn after you. Although a few tracks did show up on their Nocturnal Omissions outtake record (which, frustratingly, iTunes won't read at all), I've always wondered how their debut disc sounded. Anyway.

4:40 PM  
Anonymous profpeach said...

So now I want it all.

How can we set up an exchange of discs for those of us who weren't partnered up the first time through?

2:42 PM  
Anonymous 1fastdog said...

Part 4:
Ozymandias' Music Mix 2006
right start(unfinished outtake) - talking heads
good - pizzicato five
metaphysical - dan the automator w/miho hatori & mike d.
jayou - jurrasic 5
party by the sea - wyclef jean
bird's lament - moondog
haitian fight song - david byrne
but i feel good - groove armada
wandering star - portishead
hey mama - kanye west
sparkle city - shuggie otis
velvet sky - los lonely boys
to be a good woman - cat power
come on feel the illinoise - sufjan stevens
tin pan alley - apples in stereo
pasta on the mountain - leftover salmon
randy scouse git - monkees
coin operated boy - dresden dolls
yellow lasers - mc frontalot
Another very good disc with an emphasis on hip-hop/cool-vibe electronica. Plus, it's got a track from the Monkees!! Heh, way cool. This is the first time I've received any tracks by Shuggie Otis, from anyone. I've got nothing from him disc-wise, so that track was certainly welcome. Also interesting, was the Kanye West track - I'm not much of a fan of Mr. West, and this track only reinforced my contention that he's one of the most overrated musical entities around... He ruined what could've been a nice 3 minute pop song by drawing it out 2 minutes longer than it had any right to be. Sorry for the mini rant... Anyhow, this was a really nice disc of tunes, and like Bokeh's disc, this one plays well on the headphones.
I'll have some final thoughts in another post on the overall exchange experience before too long.

4:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh and 1fastdog? The Brunettes are a lovely band, from my home town. Their bass player ( a friend of mine) has an equally brilliant band called Pluto, probably my favourite band of the moment. Also, if you like the Brunettes can I recommend Goldenhorse? Another Auckland NZ band with a lovely whimsical sound and a gorgeous female singer.

Let me know and I'll flick you the all time greatest kiwi mix tape!

kiwiana (at earthling dot net)

7:26 AM  
Blogger permazorch said...

Hey, 1fastdog!
I found this through trees and things. {koos} has proposed your plastic-swap story. This makes me happy, but I would be even happier if you would link to your blog, once the story is up.
Anyways, I loved your disc. In fact, I like it more than what I sent to you. Just this past week I got {koos} and TheFadd their respective discs out to them. I took waayyyy too long. My excuse? New BABY (it's the best I'll ever have)!

Good to read ya'. I hope to see you on tnt.

1:05 PM  

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