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Used to be this place was mostly about music and pop culture, but it's slowly morphed into a launching pad for finding our foster greyhounds new homes. So be it. We love the hounds and are more than happy to use our modest little blog page to reach out and snag some attention for these greyt dogs... Oh, we'll still post the occasional odd music review or rant at the state of the Redskins from time to time, but they'll hafta take a back seat to the dogs 'til further notice

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Music geek who appreciates everything from power-pop to indie-rock and most everything in between. I especially dig Reggae and its predecessor, Ska.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Photographic fooforaw

1fastdog with 2 fast dogs! Yeah, that's me with some canine accompaniment... Mostly for this post I'm just messin' around with the photo capabilities of Blogger and trying to see how all this crapola works or doesn't work. I'd like to add this photo to my profile, but Blogger says it's too big.

I'll have some rants & raves to post tomorrow, I believe.

Tuneage presently turning - The Futureheads by The Futureheads & Blood On The Tracks by Bob Dylan


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