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Used to be this place was mostly about music and pop culture, but it's slowly morphed into a launching pad for finding our foster greyhounds new homes. So be it. We love the hounds and are more than happy to use our modest little blog page to reach out and snag some attention for these greyt dogs... Oh, we'll still post the occasional odd music review or rant at the state of the Redskins from time to time, but they'll hafta take a back seat to the dogs 'til further notice

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Witty part two

Miss Witty has been patiently waiting for someone to come see her and take her to her forever home! Folks, this very quiet and very calm hound is ready to prove to you how great and satisfying older dogs are to have around. Witty should be able to waltz right into your home with very little acclimation needed. She's house broken, walks well on the leash, gets along with other hounds and most larger dogs. Witty does not like cats and other small animals, however. She has a fairly high prey drive so those with kitties and other small critters will have to take a pass on this very nice hound.
Witty does like going for walks, so if you're looking for a calm walking companion, Witty's your girl. Witty is generally reserved and is not a big licker and she doesn't really give doggie kisses, either. She shows affection by following you around accepting ear scritches and other petting. Witty is in good health and has put on a needed pound or two since she's been in our care. She likes to play with stuffies and whatnot in small doses, but mostly she's just happy with chilling out and hanging around. 
if you're in the market for a no fuss, no muss hound who's happy laying around and doesn't require constant attention, please contact Denise and we'll set up a visit. This 9-yr-old is a super dog, please consider her for adoption if you're in the market for a hound.


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