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Sunday, September 02, 2012

More Alli pics and an update

Thought we'd update Alli's progress for those following along at home. She continues to do very well in adjusting to a home environment. As noted in our original post, we've not crated her at all since she's been here. Although she does have a few moments of mischief - which usually involve shredding plastic grocery bags or the occasional newspaper - those moments can be avoided by keeping items of temptation behind closed doors.
Alli has done steps and has no problems with them. She also has no problems with going potty while leashed, so potential adopters without fenced-in yards whom rely on walks to provide bathroom breaks will have no issues.
We did try a bit of cat-testing, but the results were inconclusive. She was highly interested, but the cat didn't want to stick around long enough (and who could blame him!) for us to see if she'd be aggressive.
Alli is a total sweetheart and she's ready to walk out the door right now and settle into home life. She does not mind crowds or loud noises at all. We walked her around a parking lot in the aftermath of a local high school football game, with car horns blaring and kids shouting and booming their stereos, and she wasn't bothered one bit by the crowd or the noise.
As you can tell by some of the pics, Alli enjoys her rawhides/chewies! Adopters should plan to have several types of chewables on hand for her arrival, as this will cut down on her looking for plastic/paper items to shred.
Please give Denise a shout if you'd like to meet this very happy and engaging little hound with the beautiful brindle markings.


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